I am honored to have the support of so many in our community. Thank you for your endorsement. 


I am extremely grateful.


Terry Gibson - Political activist, Retired Enrolled Agent


I first met Irene Henry in 2005 through the National Women’s Political Caucus. Our group endorsed her for her 2005 Ventura City Council candidacy.


For many of the same reasons then as now, Irene makes for the best candidate for Ventura City Council District 1. She has demonstrated long term civic engagement with organizations such as Rotary and the Boys and Girls Club. She’s run her business while volunteering as a high school volleyball coach and caring for her family. These things and more, afford Irene the skill sets that allow her to balance important tasks while attaining goals and to seek creative ideas to improve our community.


Irene will be a dedicated and effective city council member for the entire city of Ventura.

Susan Deacon - Chair, Planned Parenthood Central Coast
Action Fund

On behalf of our Board, I would like to thank you for your unwavering and outspoken support of women's reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood.  We are honored to support your candidacy and wish you every success in the coming year.

Celeste Weingardt - Founding Member of the VCWPC,

Co-author, "Running to Win", and "In the Drink: Surviving the Alcoholic"

Irene Henry's long list of community involvement speaks to her passion for the city of Ventura, and especially District 1, where she has lived for almost 30 years.


Irene has a solid understanding of the issues that require the attention  - and action - of the city council. She has my wholehearted support.

Bill Herrera - State Farm Agent

I have known Irene Henry for just over 25 years and the qualities she possesses that make her the type of person to be a city leader are passion, positive energy, common sense, and approachability. 


She’s proactive, and has the confidence to buck or support policies and decisions for the benefit of all Ventura city residents. 

The status quo is no longer acceptable.  A dynamic, decisive, agile person like Irene is who you want representing you and the future of the City of Ventura.

Sharon Troll - Founder & Board member Westside Community Development Corp., Chair Emeritus WCC, former City of Ventura Parks and Recreation Commission Member


Her time is now! She will be a councilwoman who will listen to all. She knows us here on the Westside and the part of Downtown that makes up District 1. She knows the City of Ventura.


Vote for Irene Henry District 1.  You won’t be sorry.

Greg Platz - Friend
Irene Henry loves VENTURA!  She has been continuously, actively engaged to help improve our special community. A successful independent business woman, Irene has been associated with Ventura civic organizations such as: The Boys and Girls Club, Rotary, College Foundation,  and Downtown Business Association.  She will diligently represent and shepherd the concerns and issues of the Westside and downtown Ventura as District 1 City councilwoman, effecting solutions through deliberative consensus that benefit our citizens.


I encourage you to vote for Irene Henry to represent you.

Nick Schwartz - Former President,  Ventura High School Rotary interact Group

She is without a doubt one of the hardest working people I know and her commitment to achieving real, positive change makes her a perfect choice for the city council.

Susan & Aurthur Lindahl - Owners, Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear (Since 1993)

Irene is the best candidate to represent us and her District, Downtown/Westside District 1, as our city council member.  Not only has she been living in District 1 for 30 years, but she has been a leader as a volunteer in multiple charities that benefit our community as a whole. We also feel Irene's entrepreneurial spirit and drive will be very beneficial in City Hall.

James Forsythe - Vice Chair of the Westside Community Council

In our first district election, District 1 is fortunate to have four candidates that have demonstrated they have committed visions for Ventura’s Westside. However, come November 6th, we will need to choose the representative who is best qualified and passionate about serving our neighborhood on the City Council.


There are many important current affairs that affect District 1, including housing and homelessness, environmental/water concerns, and smart business development. District 1’s candidate should also be well versed in the myriad of voices that live in the area, and he/she should have a demonstrated track record of serving the community.


These attributes considered, and after much thought, I offer my endorsement to Irene Henry. Irene has lived in District 1 for almost 30 years and raised her children here. She is a business owner, was a founding member of the Westside Community Council and the Downtown Ventura Organization, and has served on boards and committees that have aided District 1 and Ventura as a whole. She has thoroughly researched current concerns in Ventura and has come up with thoughtful but pragmatic solutions. She is well versed in city proceedings and would make an easy transition into the position and can hit the ground running. She is passionate about serving all of District 1’s residents, and Venturans as a whole. As a result, I am confident she will represent District 1 faithfully on the City Council.

Lori Steinhauer - Chair Emeritus of the Westside Community Council

I support Irene for Ventura City Council because she has the most vast and diverse background in our Downtown/Westside District 1 and City as a 30-year resident/property owner, business woman, volunteer, youth advocate, community leader, wife, mother, and grandmother. 


She has a heart of gold, unstoppable energy and values that align with mine regarding accountability, balance, and connection among Ventura’s people and places.  Please join me in voting for her.

Garrett Henry Ehritt - Irene's son

The routine, since I can remember, was get up early and leave late.

Always on the phone, and always stopping and talking to people when out doing errands. It was difficult to understand why we had to always stop and talk and say "Hi" to everyone but with the mantra of “give everyone dignity and respect” as I grew up, I got it; she will give everyone, anyone, a stranger and even an enemy two simple ingredients,  two things that we could all use more of for each other: Dignity and Respect.

Ken Cozzens - Former Captain, VC Sherriff, Team Leader

Irene is a long time Ventura resident that has been active in our community as a strong business woman and volunteer as a member of Rotary. She will be a good representative of the folks in her district

Sherry Cash - Homeless Advocate

I've known Irene for over 10 years. She's always been fun and is a great resource for community information. I know of her continued volunteerism as a 30-year resident on Ventura's Westside. She raised her family here and has given more than her share, while improving the lives of others.

She cares enough about our City to run for our new District 1!  With sincere consideration, Irene Henry has my support! I hope yours too! Vote for Irene!

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